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We have two domain, and One is setup as a redirect to the other domain. Is there a way to tell in GA which domain the user used to get to the site?

For historical traffic, you're unlikely to be able to find this data - Google Analytics doesn't receive a hit until the webpage is loaded, and a redirect is not recorded as a referrer.

If you want to distinguish these sources in the future you could add a query parameter to your redirect code, so visits via the redirect will show differently than those directly to the destination domain. I would advise a parameter that is not in use for anything else - redirect=true or something like that. In particular I would avoid using a UTM parameter.

By default, with a parameter you would see /page.html and /page.html?redirect=true separately in your reports. You could likely convert the parameter into a custom dimension via a GA filter to keep a total count but also have it easily separated into the two domains.

  • That won’t work for me because it is a redirect so I can’t control the parameters. I guess it’s just not possible then
  • Yeah, unfortunately if you can't add parameters as part of the redirect, it will be invisible to GA.

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